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Want to improve the performance of your ecommerce store? Want to drive more sales and traffic? We’ve got just the thing for you here at MageDigital. Our Magento SEO audits are a purpose built, comprehensive analysis of every aspect of your site and will unearth any problems that may potentially be holding you back from reaching your revenue objectives.

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Regular Magento SEO Check

Though Magento is unquestionably one of the most comprehensive and intuitive ecommerce platforms out there, it only takes a few small errors or mistakes during the design…

A Magento SEO audit from Mage Digital will rigorously examine your ecommerce store for any code errors, security issues and common marketing mistakes and provide actionable steps for putting them right so your store begins to climb the rankings and your traffic increases as a result.

The way your store interacts with the search engines has a huge impact on the performance and visibility that it has and you’d be amazed at how even the smallest of issues can have detrimental ramifications from your online store. A Magento SEO review is a great means of getting to the bottom of any issues you may have and put paid to them for good.

When to Carry Out A Magento SEO Review

There will invariably be a large number of reasons why an ecommerce store might want to carry out an MageDigital Magento SEO audit but we’ve outlined some of the most common …

Launching a new ecommerce store

If you’re about to launch your online retail store and want to make sure you hit the ground running, a Magento SEO check will guarantee you code and marketing is up to scratch and there are no issues that may hold you back.

Following an upgrade

When you upgrade your Magento store, it may have ramifications on the stability of your site and we can can unearth if you’ve got any potentially damaging problems affecting your store as the result of an upgrade through one of our comprehensive Magento SEO reviews.

Concerns about your Magento developer

Unfortunately, not all Magento developers out there are up to the task of building an ecommerce store from scratch. If you’ve employed the services of a freelancer or agency and want to check they’ve been following best practices, a Mage Digital Magento SEO audit will give you this peace of mind.

You’ve experienced a sudden loss in sales / traffic

If you’ve noticed some dramatic reductions in your sales figures or amount of traffic arriving to your store, there are likely to be underlying issues with the code or design of the site causing this.

A Mage Digital Magento SEO check will make sure that you get to the bottom of these issues quickly and effectively so that they can be resolved before too much damage is done.

So, that’s us. If you’re looking for the very best ecommerce web design in London, Mage Digital have got you covered. Want to speak to us about a project? Get in touch with us now.